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The most suitable digital marketing techniques and tools in the B2B field, marketing to companies, differ greatly from those used in B2C sectors, marketing to consumers. This is mainly due to the fact that B2B marketing seeks to establish stable and lasting relationships with potential clients and partners. Likewise, the sales process requires more time and involvement, since the sales that are made are generally on a large scale and, therefore, the purchase decision is more premeditated.

It should be noted that the range of customers is smaller, so customers can accumulate a certain degree of bargaining power over the final sale price. Consequently, it is difficult to capture a final sale price in the digital sphere, since it depends on the negotiation process between the parties. The pricing strategy of many manufacturers also incorporates the application of volume discounts, thus encouraging large orders. All this means that the generation of sales is not the main objective of the digital marketing actions of B2B-oriented companies, but rather the increase in brand awareness and the generation of leads or potential customers.

So, what are the most suitable tools for the B2B segment? The main actions would be the optimization of SEO positioning, the creation of SEM campaigns, the generation of leads in professional social networks, the use of payment campaigns in general and niche marketplaces, and email marketing. Below we tell you the characteristic notes of each of these techniques in the B2B strategy.

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B2B Marketing: SEO

In terms of SEO positioning, it must be taken into account that the B2B strategy has characteristic notes that differentiate it from the B2C strategy. With regard to the factors that Google takes into account, there are no differences between the two strategies, so in general terms, good SEO practices in B2C also apply to B2B. However, in practice, B2B SEO is certainly different from B2C SEO.

It must be taken into account that the different nature of the targets in both strategies implies applying different approaches, especially with regard to the type of keywords in which to position themselves, in the activity in social networks or in the content of the own website.

While for B2C SEO it is important to rank for keywords with high search volume and low CPC , and the target audience is usually large segments of the population, when it comes to B2B SEO it is important to rank well on keywords . with a low search volume and high CPC, and the target audience is usually small groups with responsibility in companies ( decision makers ).

On the other hand, unlike SEO in B2C strategy, non-professional social media activity is usually not productive in B2B strategy. Likewise, in B2B, the content of the web page has to be focused on showing the technical knowledge and experience of the company, while in B2C it is generally recommended to show more emotional content since purchases tend to be more impulsive

It is very important, therefore, the creation of tactical content on the website, for which the blog plays a fundamental role . Creating high-quality content on your blog will allow you to generate backlinks that will help your website rank higher in search engines. In addition, this content will allow potential customers to build trust and the company to be considered a useful resource in the digital environment.

When choosing the topics to be discussed in the blog, certain aspects must be taken into account. First of all, keep in mind that you should create content that interests the target audience and you should not make the mistake of creating entries that exclusively describe the products or services offered by the company . It is also important to create content that takes into account the search trends of potential customers. In this way, creating new content, it is easier to appear in the first results of Google.

Closing thought

A very useful tool to choose the topics to be discussed in the blog of the website is Exploding Topics . This tool allows you to visualize which are the topics that have the greatest growth and that, therefore, are more interesting to deal with. Exploding Topics allows you to view the trends of topics by category or those related to a keyword, which allows you to narrow the search according to the needs of the B2B strategy.

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