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Wholesale Portable Generators: Power Your Business with myACT

myACT offers reliable and efficient wholesale portable generators, including the AP702 Mid To Small Power Station. With its advanced features and popularity in international markets, the AP702 is the perfect solution for portable power supply needs.

The AP702 Mid To Small Power Station Features
The AP702 series of wholesale portable generators come in two variants: 700W rated power with a capacity of 665Wh, and 1000W rated power with a capacity of 998Wh. These power stations feature fast charging functions and multiple output ports, including two ports for type-C output, two ports for USB output, and two ports for AC output. With dimensions of 380x215x264mm and weighing 10kg/12kg, the AP702 is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for portable use.

Popular Among American, European, and Japanese Markets
The AP702 series of small power stations have gained popularity in the American, European, and Japanese markets. Their over-the-top quality, advanced technologies, and chic design have made them a favorite among consumers. Whether for outdoor working, camping, or other off-grid applications, the AP702 series provides reliable and efficient power supply solutions.

myACT’s AP702 series of wholesale portable generators, including the Mid To Small Power Station, provide reliable and efficient portable power solutions. With their advanced features, popularity in international markets, and product advantages such as fast charging, multiple output ports, and advanced technology, the AP702 series is the ideal choice for various applications. Trust myACT to deliver high-quality wholesale portable generators that meet your power supply needs.

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