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Blue Spirulina E18: Your Natural and Versatile Food Coloring Solution

If you’re in search of a reliable wholesale supplier for premium blue spirulina powder, look no further. BINMEI is proud to offer Blue Spirulina E18, a high-quality and natural food coloring solution that meets the demands of businesses in the food industry. With its exceptional purity, regulatory compliance, and versatile applications, Wholesale Blue Spirulina E18 is the perfect choice for your wholesale spirulina powder needs.

Health Benefits and Nutritional Content:

Blue Spirulina E18 is derived from nutrient-rich spirulina, making it not only a vibrant food coloring but also a source of health benefits. Packed with essential nutrients, this blue spirulina powder can promote immune system health, boost metabolism, reduce inflammation, and provide an energy boost. With Wholesale Blue Spirulina E18, you can offer your customers a visually appealing product that also supports their well-being.

Blue Spirulina E18 For Food: The Preferred Specification for Wholesale:

BINMEI’s Blue Spirulina E18 powder is formulated with 30% trehalose and 5% sodium citrate as a carrier, ensuring excellent stability and solubility. This sought-after specification is widely used in the industry, guaranteeing consistent and vibrant blue coloring in various food applications. With Wholesale Blue Spirulina E18, you can confidently provide your wholesale customers with a premium product that meets their exacting standards.

Versatile Applications for Wholesale Customers:

Blue Spirulina E18 goes beyond food coloring applications. Its versatility extends to the cosmetic, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical industries, offering captivating visual appeal and potential health benefits. By incorporating Wholesale Blue Spirulina E18 into your wholesale product offerings, you can cater to a diverse range of industries and expand your market reach.

Regulatory Compliance for Wholesale Distribution:

Rest assured that BINMEI’s Blue Spirulina E18 powder fully complies with regulatory criteria for food coloring in the EU, USA, and various Asian countries. When you partner with BINMEI for wholesale spirulina powder, you can confidently distribute a product that meets the highest quality and safety standards, satisfying the stringent requirements of your wholesale customers.


BINMEI is your trusted wholesale partner for high-quality blue spirulina powder.  Blue Spirulina E18 offers exceptional purity, regulatory compliance, and versatile applications, making it the ideal solution for businesses in the food, cosmetic, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical industries. Delight your customers with visually stunning and nutritionally beneficial products by incorporating Wholesale Blue Spirulina E18 into your wholesale offerings. Trust BINMEI to provide you with top-quality wholesale spirulina powder that meets your customers’ expectations and drives the success of your wholesale business.

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