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Unleashing the Potential of Graphite Machining: Conprofe Ultrasonic’s CNC Graphite Machining Center

Graphite machining has always posed unique challenges due to the material’s properties and characteristics. However, with the introduction of Conprofe Ultrasonic‘s graphite machining center for sale, the limitations of traditional machining methods are a thing of the past. In this article, we will delve deeper into the capabilities and advantages of this state-of-the-art machine, which is revolutionizing the graphite machining industry.

Harnessing Advanced Ultrasonic Technology for Superior Results

At the core of the Conprofe CNC Graphite Machining Center lies its advanced ultrasonic technology. By harnessing the power of ultrasonic vibrations, this machine achieves exceptional precision and surface finish when working with graphite materials. The ultrasonic vibrations facilitate efficient material removal, overcoming the difficulties associated with the inherent hardness and brittleness of graphite.

Impressive Specifications for Versatile Machining

The machining center’s impressive specifications further highlight its capabilities. With a spacious worktable measuring 500×400 mm and a maximum load capacity of 200 kg, it accommodates a wide range of graphite workpieces, making it suitable for various applications across industries. The spindle, with a diameter of Φ120 mm, delivers high-performance machining, aided by the HSK-E40 spindle taper and a maximum speed of up to 30,000 rpm (short-duration) or 24,000 rpm (long-duration).

Achieving Remarkable Precision and Repeatability

The CNC Graphite Machining Center’s precision and repeatability are truly remarkable. With positioning accuracy of 0.003 mm and repeatability of 0.002 mm, it ensures consistent and reliable results, even for the most intricate and complex graphite components. This level of precision is crucial for industries such as aerospace, electronics, and mold making, where strict tolerances are non-negotiable.


In conclusion, Conprofe Ultrasonic’s CNC Graphite Machining Center is a game-changer in the field of graphite machining. Its advanced ultrasonic technology, coupled with impressive accuracy, repeatability, and optional cooling systems, enables operators to unlock the full potential of graphite as a machining material. Whether you are involved in aerospace, electronics, or mold making, this machining center empowers you to achieve exceptional results, surpassing the limitations of traditional machining methods.

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