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Drive the Baby’s Development with Style and Safety : Claesde’s Car Push Walker

Claesde’s Car Push Walker is not just a walker; it’s a vehicle for all babies’ growth and exploration. Designed to mimic the shape of a sports car, this innovative push walker combines style, functionality, and safety. With two modes, two levels of height adjustment, and a firm chassis, Claesde’s Car Push Walker offers a thrilling and secure way for baby to take their first steps towards independence.

Mimics the Shape of a Sports Car

Claesde’s Car Walker stands out from traditional walkers with its sleek and eye-catching design. Shaped like a sports car, this walker adds a touch of excitement and fun to all babies’ walking experience. The vibrant colours and realistic details make it an appealing choice for both parents and babies alike.

Two Modes for Versatile Use

This push walker offers two modes to suit baby’s needs as they grow. In the first mode, it functions as a supportive push walker, providing stability and assistance as baby takes their initial steps. In the second mode, it transforms into an engaging activity centre, allowing baby to explore various interactive elements while standing.

Firm Chassis for Stability and Safety

Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to baby products, and Claesde prioritizes this aspect in their Car Push Walker. The push walker features a firm chassis that provides stability and prevents tipping.

Encourages Motor Skills and Independence

Claesde’s Car Push Walker is more than just a means of transportation for all babi; it’s a tool for developing essential motor skills and fostering independence.


Claesde’s Car Push Walker offers a winning combination of style, functionality, and safety for all babies’ early walking journey. With its sports car design, two versatile modes, adjustable height levels, and firm chassis, this push walker provides an exciting and secure experience for babies.   

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