Popular Indian TV Series and Upcoming Hindi TV Serials 2022

These are the Most In-Vogue Forms

Movies and soaps are entertainment in our lives. Television serials have been a source of comfort in our daily lives. Despite the decline in views and the transition to OTT, television shows are still very popular. We still enjoy daily soap operas, reality TV and other forms of television. 2021 was filled with new and exciting films and shows on a variety of OTT streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+Hotstar. This year, the crowd was treated to a variety of Indian substances. Producers explored many avenues to find newer varieties and arrangements, which made the viewing experience even better. There were family shows, political dramatizations and romantic comedy.


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein was originally broadcast on Star Plus in 2020 and then spilled onto Disney+ Hotstar. This show ranks second in the BARC list of Most popular 20 serials from 2022, which are shown on YoDesiSerials. Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein revolves around Virat’s commitment to his perishing father. Virat, a cop, gets married to this woman, but not long after they get married, his love for her returns.

2022 is not less, as it is only 4 months away and there are many good Indian web shows that will excite you. Here’s a list of the best Indian shows to be found on OTT this year.

Imlie, another Hindi showrunner, airs on Star Plus and streams Disney + Hotstar. The story follows Imlie, a young lady from Imlie who finds herself in a situation where she must marry an essayist. This happens after she spends a long night looking for shelter in a lodge because of a severe deluge. Imlie discovers later that her soon-to-be husband is already married.

Anupama is the one who has raised its preference on BARC’s Level. Star Plus airs the show, and it is also being screened on Disney + Hotstar. Anupama dances in the presence of Anupama (played by Rupali Ganguly). Anupama gets so absorbed in her marriage day-to-day that she doesn’t save an incredible open door for her. Later, after feeling a bit miserable, she decides to keep going with her life.

Pinoy Teleserye

Indian TV shows cater to all types of viewers, whether it’s a dramatization for the family or a romantic story or shocking tale. Some television series are quite interesting and full of humor. News channels also have excellent television series that are informative and based on history. Pinoy Show host Ang Probinsyano is one of them.

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