The Benefits of Choosing Specialized Medical Coding Solutions

Medical coding is key to the functioning of a healthcare ecosystem and is a lucrative career. With the introduction of technology, medical coding has become popular and helped streamline the functioning of a hospital. Since a medical coder needs to be familiar with the medical codes, healthcare providers should ensure that skilled people are onboarded. However, most clinics and hospitals have started choosing specialized medical coding solutions. But, what are the advantages, you might ask? The following article will discuss the benefits of using medical coding solutions over the traditional methods.

Generally, choosing a specialized medical coding solution means one is outsourcing and contracting a third-party company in contrast to doing it in-house. In this case, the third party is responsible for all of the work related to your medical coding needs. Moreover, the company will also be accountable for upskilling the staff and bear the expenses to keep the workforce updated on the latest industry requirements. You could either get the appointed medical coders to work remotely or at your facility.

We will discuss the benefits of outsourcing medical coding services to help you decide which process to adopt – the traditional one or the smooth approach.

1. Has the necessary certifications

Medical coders need to stay updated with current regulations, best practices, and certificates. Moreover, they are expected to continually complete their education requirements to ensure that claims do not get returned.

Following popular blogs, news, webinars, seminars, and websites discussing these certifications and compliances can help maintain the quality needed. Keeping up with these changes requires time, but working with a third party ensures that you get the work right on time. Thus, you would not be affected by these changes, and the processes will go on like before.

2. Up-to-date with medical coding compliances

The medical coding and billing industry develops in large amounts and has a complex system. A universal coding system would give the company a boost and enable it to be used by healthcare facilities throughout the world.

Frequent coding updates mean a higher chance of inefficient communication and inadequate documentation between the payers (often the insurance companies) and the healthcare providers. When you outsource your requirements to a medical billing company, it is the company’s responsibility and duty to follow the changes and accurately maintain the patient’s medical records.

3. Adaptable to coding needs

Your in-house team consists of a fixed number of people, limiting the amount of coding you can do at once. However, there might be times when the volume of coding needed to be done will exceed their capacity. Moreover, you need to reorganize to accommodate their needs, such as vacation days and sick leaves. Thus, your coding work will get delayed, and backlogs will pile up, causing delays in payments.

Thankfully, agencies have a substantial medical staff to fulfill your needs, eliminating your need to worry about the work.

4. Saves on administrative costs

When you start setting up a medical coding team, you need to pay hiring charges and benefits and maintain the team. Coders equipped with the latest certifications and specialized in the industry are expensive, and assembling a department would require more money. With outsourcing, you can get these specialized medical coders at lower costs.

Doing so does not mean that you compromise on their salary or the quality. You do not need to pay for benefits like health insurance, retirement benefits, and paid vacation days. Moreover, you do not need to provide office spaces, supplies, training, licensing, and insurance. Thus, outsourcing medical coding solutions proves to be cost-effective.

Disclaimer – These costs might vary from region to region, so proper research is necessary. However, in most cases, outsourcing is cheaper than hiring an in-house team.

5. Eliminates worries about hiring

Hiring challenges such as the shortage of qualified coders, large-scale requirements, and reduced productivity can be challenging for companies that are looking to hire. Moreover, there are several job opportunities for medical coders nowadays, making it hard to retain them. Outsourcing allows you to eliminate these challenges as these third-party agencies hire globally and offer remote opportunities.

6. Maintains all security and compliance guidelines

Following established regulations and their security is of utmost importance to healthcare organizations. You need to comply with HIPAA and other regulations and protect your company from data loss and security breaches. Professional coding firms have the technologies and capacity to understand security and compliance needs.


If you are looking to save money, increase productivity, and improve the accuracy of your medical coding team, choosing specialized medical coding solutions might be the answer. Flatworld Solutions offers state-of-the-art services, uses software to improve accuracy, and offers medical coding services at nominal costs.

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