How to Worship the Gambling Patriarch to Bring Luck and Fortune to Visit

How to worship the gambling ancestors standard will bring luck when playing online betting. With spiritual meaning, it helps participants feel comfortable and confident, increasing their chances of winning. How to properly worship the gambling ancestors, and which deities to worship are always of great concern. Below is interesting information  OKVIP Share with everyone, don’t miss it!

Who is the god of gambling?

Nhi Ca Phong is known as a bouncer in lottery and gambling shops in Thailand. His energy is so good that everyone he comes in contact with gets good luck, so he is admired by everyone.

Therefore, after Nhi Ca Phong passed away, gamblers felt regretful. During King Rama’s time, there were many people worshiping him to help increase the odds of winning while playing gambling. Since then, the way of worshiping the gambling ancestors was born to help people improve their luck. Therefore, in addition to abstinence, members only need to worship the father of the gambling industry, Nhi Ca Phong.

Effective when applying the method of worshiping the gambling ancestors

Gambling is known to be a game of high stakes so it won’t really work from the gods. However, if you play with your mind, winning will become easier.

In addition, if you worship the father of gambling, you will have more positive energy while betting. Always make sure you are always confident and more comfortable with psychological issues. From there, members’ chances of winning will improve while worshiping the god.

Details of how to worship the gambling ancestors are applied by many people

To worship this deity, below is some important information that you need to pay attention to while performing the ritual.

Which day is suitable to worship Nhi Ca Phong?

Perhaps many of you really want to know which day is suitable to worship Nhi Ca Phong, right? Normally, that is the 8th day of the 8th lunar month, so lottery players need to pay attention.

Because according to folk beliefs, August 8 is pronounced “eight bowl”, symbolizing luck and fortune. If you are a believer who loves red and black, you should worship for blessings.

How to worship the gambling ancestors with the most complete rituals

To be able to worship Nhi Ca Phong, the brothers need to clearly understand the rituals to worship. A full offering tray with his favorite dishes to express his sincerity. Specifically, people will prepare dishes such as rice, dumplings, pork trotters along with chrysanthemum tea to worship.

For those of you who do not have the means, you can make a simpler feast. Everything still depends on the sincerity to pray and be blessed with good fortune.

However, nowadays there are many people who want to worship at home because they do not have much time to go to the temple. Many people also use talismans to make offerings to gambling ancestors, bringing high efficiency.

How to ask for charms to get good luck when gambling from Nhi Ca Phong

When playing casino, many people often use Nhi Ca Phong’s lucky charm to hope for good luck. This is a simple method but also highly effective while betting.

Some brothers also bring amulets home to worship, burn incense and make offerings. However, nowadays there are many counterfeit products appearing that affect people’s participation in betting and gambling.

Therefore, gamblers need to be very careful when buying charms. Please learn carefully about its origin to ensure the best possible luck.

Share effective ways to ask for lottery numbers from Nhi Ca Phong

When applying the method of worshiping the gambling ancestors, you cannot miss the opportunity to ask for numbers to bring good luck. To start asking for lottery numbers, members  Okvip It is necessary to wash thoroughly and make offerings to statues as well as burn incense.

After that, everyone just needs to pray to Nhi Ca Phong, and at night, the god will dream about easy-to-win numbers for you. Normally, experts apply the method of asking for numbers every 3 days, and before that they need to fast and sleep fast.

Ensuring a pure mind always plays an important role when applying the method of worshiping the gambling ancestors. Besides, prepare sincere offerings to worship in the hope of increasing your luck when gambling.

Above is some extremely important information related to how to offer gambling to bring the highest possible efficiency. Hopefully through this article, everyone will know clearly how to offer cards and bring the highest possible effectiveness. Wishing you all good luck in finding a life-changing opportunity when worshiping Nhi Ca Phong.

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