Corner Kick Odds and Betting Tips to Win Easily

For veteran players, how to play corner kick bet become extremely familiar, even betting more than other bets in a football match.  New888 Sports today will introduce to readers details on how to play as well as some useful betting experiences.

Learn about corner kicks

Corner odds are another special type of bet in all soccer matches. Players will participate in predicting and betting on the total number of corner kicks taken by both teams. If your prediction is correct, of course you will receive a winning bet corresponding to the rate of the amount you bet. If it is wrong, you will lose money.

How to decide a corner kick in a soccer match

The linesman will be the first to take a corner kick, then raise the flag to notify the main referee of the decision. If a player of the defending team has the last impact on the ball before it has crossed the goal line towards his team’s goal, he will be subject to a corner kick.

What is the correct way to perform a corner kick?

The attacking team player will place the ball at the outer edge of the semicircular goal line, right at the flagpole position at the end of the goal line. Then players from both teams will gather around the penalty area of ​​the team receiving a corner kick to receive the ball. After the position has been stabilized and there is no trouble, the referee will blow the whistle to clear the corner kick.

Corner kick bets in a soccer match

For some small football or grass football matches (semi-professional or not much developed football leagues) there are very few corner bets. However, in main matches, bookmaker  New88 often updates the following corner kick bets:

Corner kick handicap betting

This is the most basic type of bet, there will be an upper team and an underdog team in this bet. Bookmakers will often issue handicaps mainly based on the following forms.

  • The upper team is the handicap team, is considered stronger by the house, will hold the ball more and attack more.
  • The underdog is the handicapped team, usually the weaker team and will have to focus on defending against attacks.
  • There are a few matches where the team with the top corner will be a weak team but has a common way of attacking from both sides.
  • In addition, the favorite team can also be the team that is leading and is forced to find a goal to shorten the score by any means.

Over/Under corner kicks

The way to play is the same as the Over/Under goal bet, however you will count the number of corner kicks instead of waiting for goals to be scored. The winning rate is similar, the more time passes, the more the Over rate will increase, the Over/Under rate will also gradually decrease and vice versa.

Betting on which team will take the next corner kick

This is quite an interesting type of bet, however the winning odds for this bet sometimes have quite large differences. Players will rely on the position of the game and bet on which team will take the next free kick. The odds will be updated by the bookmakers based on the actual situation on the field.

Odd/Even corner kick odds

Similar to the over/under bet, there are only two options: choose Even or choose Odd.

  • If the results of the corner kicks in 90 minutes are numbers like 0, 2, 4, 6, 8… betting on Even will win.
  • The return corner numbers are 1, 3, 5, 7, 9…. then the Odd bet will win.

Share the corner kick betting experiences of experts at bookmaker  New88

When you participate in betting at  New88 sports hall, no matter what bet you play, in addition to the element of luck, up to 70% of the winning decision will lie with the player. Through surveys from ball betting experts at bookmaker  New88, we have compiled many good tips.

See the past results of the two teams’ confrontations

Not only handicap odds need to study confrontation history, but corner kicks also need that. Through the past confrontations of the two teams, you will find out how many corner kicks the two teams have on average. From there, a closer assessment is made than the actual situation. If those two teams have never met, we will move on to the next method.

Learn about each team’s football strategy

If the team has a playing style that favors wing-crossing and heading, often pulling the ball down both sides to attack, then you should choose Over or the corner handicap bet on that team. And vice versa, if both teams have a playing style that favors small coordination in the middle, choosing Under will be a wiser decision.
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Grasp the starting lineup and the coach’s tactics

For all teams, the coach will have full authority to decide the style of play and tactics the team will apply in the match. Depending on which opponent they will encounter, they can apply appropriate tactics and have better effectiveness.

To understand this, let’s look at the lineups of the two teams announced before the match starts. Thereby, you will grasp part of the coach’s tactical intentions, to determine whether this match will be similar to the previous match or not. From there, you can make more accurate decisions on corner kick bets.

Betting on corner kicks based on odds fluctuations

Normally, a football match will be updated with betting odds by sports site  New88 about 1 to 3 days in advance. Watch from the time the new bet appears until the time it goes out to see if the odds and odds change. The lower the odds, the higher the chance that bet will win. Because those are all comments made by the bookmaker’s leading football consultants.

Play corner kicks based on the weather

It sounds absurd, but for experts who regularly bet on corner kicks at  New88 sports, they will apply this method of play quite often. Try logging in to  New88 and experiencing a match, it will be clear. If the match takes place in rainy weather, of course the field will be more slippery and the ball will also be wet. That’s why defenders and goalkeepers’ tackling and catching the ball will decrease in accuracy. This is the ideal time to choose Over corner kick.


Corner kicks are always the type of bet chosen by many players because it is easy to play and is not affected by the outcome of the match. Because there are many teams, they will not need to win too much, not even need to win that match. In addition, the reward rate of this type of bet is also very high. Please log in New88 Today and experience betting with us, bring your first wins.

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