How Long Can You Safely Leave Canned Cat Food Out?

Cats rarely take a whole serving of canned cat food in one time. Sometimes there’s not enough time, or the owners don’t remember to take out the unfinished portion. How long is safe to allow canned cat food to remain out?

How long will wet cat food remain in the fridge?

The amount of time that you can put out canned cat food is contingent on the temperature of the room. In summer, without air conditioning, put the food in the fridge for less than twenty minutes. In winter, if the heater is turned on or food is stored in the warm kitchen, the same 20-minute time limit applies. The absolute maximum at optimal temperature is around 30 minutes.

Kittens, who need to be served smaller meals less frequently likely to complete their meals within 15 minutes. It is better to offer them just a spoon or two meals every three hours rather instead of putting their trust with food that is spoiled.

Exposure to air is Not Good for Cat Food

The exposure to air can also mean the possibility of exposure to bacteria. The food storage container should be kept shut and as airtight feasible since moisture in food may cause mold. Another issue is temperature at which the food is stored. Do not store pet food including bags that are not opened or cans stored in the shed or garage where temperatures could reach 100°F. Many manufacturers suggest storing cans and kibble in a dry, cool area. A kitchen pantry or even an inside closet work well.


The food that remains in the container should be covered in a container and kept refrigerated right away after opening. The next portion is able to be heated, since most cats do not like cold food. There are disposable bags with zippers to store unopened food items. They can be easily warmed by running water from the basin for couple of minutes. Another option is to place the next portion in a dish that can be microwaved and cover it with plastic wrap, then cook on a low heat for a brief period of time. The goal is not to cook the food to hot instead, just warm it until it is at the temperature of room temperature.

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While there are a variety of variables like temperature and food ingredients that can alter the time for your cat’s food to spoil You’ll need to ensure that you don’t leave your cat’s wet food in the fridge for no more than 30 minutes.

This is also true for bowls that have small bits of food left or dirt around the edge. If these remain untreated within 30 minutes, the likelihood that your cat will to lick the dried food is extremely high.

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