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GETO’s Formwork System: Streamlined and Versatile Solutions for Construction Projects

GETO, an excellent brand in the construction industry, offers a comprehensive formwork system that combines various materials and accessories to ensure optimal efficiency. With a focus on quality and precision, GETO’s formwork system comprises flat-ties, hollow sections, aluminum formwork panels, and steel accessories. These components are meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of wall and column formwork applications, providing a reliable construction experience.

Materials for Wall and Column Formworks with Embedded Flat-Ties

The formwork system incorporates embedded flat-ties, aluminum alloy wall panels with grooves, hockeys, hollow sections, flat-tie raking shores, as well as pins and wedges. This combination facilitates secure and precise formwork assembly, ensuring the desired verticality and structural integrity of concrete walls. The strategically placed grooves and flat-ties eliminate the need for post-demolition hole filling, saving both time and costs while ensuring superior waterproofing.

Materials for Wall and Column Formworks with Reusable Flat-Ties

In situations where reusable flat-ties are preferred, GETO’s formwork system includes reusable flat-ties, flat-tie sleeves, aluminum alloy wall panels with grooves, hockeys, hollow sections, flat-tie raking shores, and pins and wedges. This configuration offers the added benefit of flexibility, durability, and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for projects that require repetitive formwork utilization.


GETO’s formwork system changes construction processes by providing a versatile and efficient solution for wall and column formworks. The combination of carefully selected materials and accessories ensures precise adjustments, improved verticality, and cost savings. With its design and attention to detail, GETO’s formwork system not only enhances construction efficiency but also guarantees superior waterproofing for the concrete wall body. As a trusted brand, GETO continues to innovate and deliver high-quality products that meet the demands of modern construction projects. Choose GETO’s formwork system for optimal performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in your construction endeavors.

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