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DL-50W-MAP: Enhancing Outdoor Road Lighting with Versatile LED Power Supply

Done Power‘s DL-50W-MAP is a top-tier outdoor LED power supply driver, expertly designed to meet the rigorous requirements of European professional road lighting. Its broad power range and rated input voltage ensure versatility and efficiency, making it a prime choice for diverse outdoor LED applications. Choose DL-50W-MAP for superior performance and quality in outdoor LED power supply drivers.

DL-50W-MAP: The Versatile LED Power Supply Driver for European Professional Outdoor Road Lighting

  1. Introduction to DL-50W-MAP and its Importance in European Road Lighting:

DL-50W-MAP, a product by Done Power, plays a crucial role in European professional outdoor road lighting projects. Its advanced features and capabilities make it a go-to choice for lighting professionals seeking reliable and efficient LED power supply solutions.

  1. Wide Power Range and Rated Input Voltage for Versatile LED Driver Applications:

DL-50W-MAP boasts a wide power range, allowing it to function as an LED driver for a variety of wattages, ranging from 50 to 200 watts. Its rated input voltage of 100-277Vac ensures compatibility with different electrical systems commonly found in outdoor lighting installations.

Performance Features of DL-50W-MAP for Outdoor LED Power Supply

  1. Constant and Adjustable Power Level Selection for Customized Illumination:

DL-50W-MAP offers the flexibility of constant and adjustable power level selection, empowering users to customize the illumination output according to specific lighting requirements. This feature ensures seamless integration with various LED lighting fixtures and enables precise control over lighting scenarios.

  1. High Efficiency, Power Factor, and Low THD for Optimal Energy Performance:

DL-50W-MAP is designed for optimal energy performance. With an efficiency rating of up to 92%, it maximizes power conversion while minimizing energy wastage. Its high power factor (PF) of >0.95 and low total harmonic distortion (THD) of <10% further enhance energy efficiency and reduce strain on electrical systems.


DL-50W-MAP by Done Power is a versatile and efficient outdoor LED power supply driver that excels in European professional outdoor road lighting applications. With its wide power range, rated input voltage, constant and adjustable power level selection, as well as high efficiency, power factor, and low THD, DL-50W-MAP ensures optimal energy performance and flexibility for outdoor LED lighting projects.

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