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Tecloman’s Distributed Energy Storage System: Empowering Micro Businesses for a Sustainable Future

Tecloman, a trusted leader in energy solutions, presents its cutting-edge distributed energy storage system, specifically designed for microbusinesses and client groups with low load power demands. This innovative solution offers a range of energy storage power supplies, including options such as 10 kW/20 kWh, 20 kW/40 kWh, and 30 kW/60 kWh, tailored to meet the unique power requirements of each client.

Scalable and Flexible Energy Solutions to Drive Efficiency

Tecloman’s distributed energy storage system provides the flexibility of adjusting the power supply and adding more connected units based on the client’s load, eliminating the need for costly replacements. This scalable approach ensures optimal energy utilization while meeting the dynamic capacity expansion needs, peak cut requirements, and off-grid power supply demands of various application scenarios.

Bridging the Gap Between On-Grid and Off-Grid Operations

Tecloman’s distributed energy storage system provides exceptional versatility with its seamless on-grid and off-grid operation capabilities. Clients can effortlessly switch between power sources, leveraging the system’s intelligent design. This empowers businesses to optimize energy consumption, lower electricity costs, and ensure a reliable off-grid power supply when needed. Tecloman’s solution enables businesses to achieve efficient and flexible energy management, adapting to various operational requirements while enhancing sustainability.


Tecloman’s commitment to innovation, reliability, and eco-conscious solutions has solidified its position as a leader in the distributed energy storage system market. By delivering tailored power solutions, scalability, and on- and off-grid versatility, Tecloman enables microbusinesses to achieve energy efficiency, minimize operational costs, and embrace sustainable practices.

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