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Power Your Outdoor Space with BN-LINK’s Landscape Extension Cord

BN-LINK’s Landscape Extension Cord offers a convenient and versatile solution for powering multiple appliances in your outdoor space. With its 1 to 3 splitter design and a combined length of 36 ft (18’+6’+6’+6′), this multi-outlet extension cord provides flexible access to power around your home. Designed for outdoor use, it is the perfect choice for landscape lighting, seasonal decorations, and more.

Convenient 1 to 3 Splitter Design

The BN-LINK Landscape Extension Cord features a 1 to 3 splitter design, allowing you to conveniently power multiple appliances from a single power source. With three outlets, you can easily plug in light strings, holiday decorations, stake lights, or lawn accessories up to a total of 13 amps/1625 watts. Say goodbye to the hassle of using multiple cords and enjoy the convenience of this efficient outdoor extension lead.

Weather Resistant for Long-Lasting Use

Built to withstand outdoor conditions, the 16/3 SJTW power cord of BN-LINK’s Landscape Extension Cord is weather resistant. It can resist moisture, abrasion, and prolonged exposure to sunlight, ensuring long-lasting use. Each plug comes with a cover that protects against rain, snow, and dust, further enhancing its durability and safety. Rest assured that this extension cord is designed to withstand the elements and provide reliable power for your outdoor needs.

Blends Seamlessly with the Landscape

Featuring a dark green cord, BN-LINK’s Landscape Extension Cord seamlessly blends into the landscape, making it less obtrusive and more visually appealing. This aesthetic choice is perfect for seasonal lighting and festive decorations, as it discreetly integrates into your outdoor surroundings. Enjoy the functionality of the extension cord without compromising the beauty of your outdoor space.


BN-LINK‘s Landscape Extension Cord is a reliable and convenient solution for your outdoor power needs. With its 1 to 3 splitter design and a combined length of 36 ft, it provides flexible access to power around your home. The weather-resistant power cord ensures long-lasting use, while the dark green color seamlessly blends into the landscape. Designed for both convenience and aesthetics, this outdoor extension lead is the perfect choice for powering your landscape lighting, Christmas decorations, and more.

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