Artificial Intelligence Causes Fashion Influence

Accessory and clothing are more than a necessity. They can also be used to express individuality, style and personality. The introduction of technology into fashion has created buzz about the potential benefits that technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), will bring to the fashion industry.

How can AI be used in fashion?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has quickly taken over key roles in the fashion industry. AI is a digital assistant that recommends clothing and accessories to customers based on their body type, height, and current fashion trends. After collecting all this data, the data is refined based on customer feedbacks. This allows for complete customer satisfaction and a decrease in returns.

Artificial intelligence can also be used to improve productivity and increase sales in physical and virtual shops. All sales data, forecasts, returns, and purchases are recorded and used to determine which store will require what items. It can also be used to identify the colour, size and silhouette preferences in different areas of the country. Customers can also take a picture of any item they like and search the internet for a lower price. It can also be used to suggest similar purchases based on the information collected.

AI and Sustainability

The staggering rate of pollution caused by the garment industry is well known to everyone. Around 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions are caused by the fashion industry, making it very unsuitable for the environment. Many brands and manufacturing units are now shifting towards sustainability in terms of raw material, product, as well as process. This situation can be overcome by AI at multiple levels. For example, it can reduce inventory by forecasting sales.

Second, garments go through several stages before they are displayed in stores. Sometimes, there are 10-15 samples needed to test various design parameters and production schedules. 3D model creation has become a key role for AI. This eliminates the need to create such samples manually and relies on 3D models. This has led to a reduction in wasteful processes and reduced costs. It is also much quicker than creating real samples.

The use of AI can be used to speed up mundane tasks. If we take for example manufacturing, which is full of repetitive processes such as cutting, sewing, finishing and packaging, then AI can be used to speed up these tasks. These tasks can all be completed by AI faster and at a lower cost. AI can stitch garments with consistent quality.

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The future of AI in fashion

AI will be the future’s north star in trend forecasting and forecasting. Combining AI technology with machine-learning, data analytics, and other tools will allow for efficient management as well sustainability. It can identify trends for a brand and provide personalised shopping options to customers. It can be used by retailers and manufacturers as an efficient process, and also reduce waste. As we move toward the digital age, AI will be a huge benefit to the fashion industry as it will add value in all stages. It would be a mistake to say that AI is the future of fashion.

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